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Religious Art

Asia is home to all the religions of the world. From Buddhist to Christian, Muslim to Shinto, it's all here. We carry a diverse collection of religious painting, religious icons and statues, and objects central to a culture religious practices.

The collection is extremely diverse, each culture has it's own take on a religions central story. Religious art, in every culture, is some of the richest and most beautiful of all art.

Take a look at our collection, we think you will like it as much as we do.

Female Nat with Cobra

Female Nat with Cobra

French Christian Santo

French Christian santo figure, Vietnam, E. 20th Century,

French Colonial Christian Shrine

French Colonial Christian shrine

Gold Plated Brass Monstrance

Gold plated brass "Monstrance" with incised floral design, ...


Hand carved seated priest figure with red, black and gold ...

Hindu God Krishna Panel

Krishna life segments vignettes painted door, India

Holy Family

The 'Holy Family', Panay island, Philippines. Late 19th ...

Holy Family Painting

Holy Family Painting, Philippines

Horse Vahana India

Temple processional horse, South India

Incense Burner

Bhutanese Incense Burner

Incense Burner

Bhutan Buddhist Incense burner

Jain Gate

Hand carved Jain Temple entry surround. Marble with ...


Japanese Kannon, "Goddess Of Mercy," Genroku Period


"Ninth Station Of The Cross" (Jesus falls the third time), ...


Jizo Botatsu figure, Japan, 18:H x 10"W x 8"D.

Kim Cuong Figure

Kim Cuong or "Tu Dai Kim Cuong", Vietnam

Krishna Figure

Hand carved Krishna figure with polychrome paint, Gujarat, ...

Krishna with Mother

Carved teakwood figure of Krishna holding his ...

Kwan Yin

Polychrome painted camphor wood Kwan Yin (Buddhist GOddess ...

Madonna Figure

Madonna figure, Sri Lanka


Mahongwe Tribe reliquary guardian figure on custom base, ...

Mandala Plaque

Bhutanese Mandala plate with inlaid precious stones

Marble Hindu Diety

Marble Hindu diety figure

Marble Lakshmi Figure

Marble figure of Hindu goddess Lakshmi, India

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