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Chenrezi Statue

Chenrezi, Tibetan God of Compassion
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Chenrezi is the Tibetan god of great compassion and is the name of the most beloved Bodhisattva in the Tibetan tradition. He is also known as the six syllabled Buddha. The six syllables are OM MANI PAD MEY HUM. This Sanskrit mantra is so efficacious that it has been carved on rock faces and is frequently chanted by devotees. Chenrezi is always profusely decorated with ornaments and is usually portrayed white in color but also appears fabricated in bright metals as is this figure. He has four arms. The right arm carries a rosary and a fully blossomed lotus in the left hand. The other two hands are raised to the chest with palms enjoined in a Namaskar pose. The middle of the palm is to hold a round object that is a symbol of knowledge.

This statue is made of 'Panchalogam', the traditional five metal alloys of sacred significance used for making Buddhist and Hindu temple dieties and idols. These five metals consist of gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass. The lower base of the throne is made from of Cypress wood. The entire throne is heavily adorned and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones of turquoise, jade, ruby and emeralds. Surrounding the main deity are other protecting deities of Buddhism. This is a hand crafted item from central Bhutan and is believed to have been owned locally for about 150 years. The figure stands 12" tall, 10" wide and 5" deep.

A side note regarding rare Bhutanese hand-crafted artifacts; all are exclusively made by local artisans. The most common base of the material is that of copper, bronze, gold, silver, clay, wood and yak bone. Old items in Bhutan that have no historical importance to the country or are not a property of any institution or monastic body can be used for the purpose of business. However it is important and required that each item be fully verified from the concerned agency to ensure the integrity of both the buyer and the seller. A mark or seal is provided by this agency upon successful inspection of the object. Most items are sold by families who were wealthy in past centuries and now desire funds to fulfill the modern day requirements such as education, housing and etc. The mixture of metals used in the making of these artifacts enhances the preciousness and importance of the piece and is believed that the greater combination of metals, the more valuable its hidden spiritual power.