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Spirit Boat

Molave' wood Spirit Boat vessel, Sulu Archipelago
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Molave' (local stonewood) carved 'Spirit Boat' / vessel with stylized sail mast. Many old epics around the Philippines tell of how the soul (id est spirit) transports to the next life aboard sailing vessels (boats, canoes and etc.), traversing through rivers and seas enroute to the next phase of the spirits existance. These sailing vessel boat representations are usually carved out of the local hardwoord (in this case Molave') but are sometimes found carved from sea coral, especailly from the southern part of the Sulu Archipelago

I acquired this particular one on Mindanao island, southern Philippines. It dates from the early 20th century and is mounted on a custom designed rod iron armature. It measure 63" long x 7" wide x 35.5" tall.