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SAN ROQUE patron St of Dogs

San Roque, St Roche, St Rocco, Philippines, early 20th C.
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San Roque, (in Hispanic countries) also known as Saint Roch, St. Rocco and St. Roche (depending on which Christian country he's venerated in) was a Catholic saint born in Montpelier, France in 1295 (died in 1327 at the age of 32). He is especially invoked against the plague, the victims of which he attended to. San Roque was born a nobleman but gave up his earthly wares to join the Franciscans. He is the patron saint of dogs, plaques, pestilence, the falsely accused, bachelors  and most recently AIDS. 

 This multicolored painted solid wood standing Santo figure stands 16" tall by 5.5" wide and is 4" deep. Originating from the Philippines, it dates from the late 19th century. I acquired this in Manila in 1985 and is a fine example of the popular Saint always portrayed with a dog by his side with bread in mouth and lifting his robe to expose his plaque wounds. Story has it that this dog would return every day with this food to feed and sustain him staying by his side to care for him. It's said this hunting dog healed Roche by licking the wounds created by the plaque, bringing him food which kept him alive.