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Japanese Festival Flag

Handpainted Japanese festival flag or Noboribata
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SKU: LOR1706001

Japanese "Noboribata", Boy's Day Banner. Tradition calls for families to place noboribata banners in front of their houses along with carp-shaped "koinobori" flags, one for each son, a month before Boy's Day on May 5. As typical of most legends, the samurai characters appearing on noboribata, are largely historically true but over time became embellished with greater heroic feats. Warrior's tales were recounted and their images painted on these banners for inspiration, to encourage nobility and honor in the young male children of Japan. Boy's Day has been celebrated in Japan since the 7th century.

This brightly colored handpainted 100% cotton noboribata measures approximately 24' 3" long x 2' wide and was handmade in Japan but purchased in 'Little Tokyo', Los Angeles, CA in the 1970's. It is in mint condition and bears a family crest atop the detailed 'story / legend' painting.