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Cul-bong with 'Bulul' handle, Banaue, Philippines, circa 1950's.
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Coil weave reed 'cul-bong', ( rice storage basket) with Bontoc pine wood carved seated 'Bulul' (rice deity / guard) figure handle. Ifugao / Ilongot culture, Banuae rice terraces region of northern Luzon island, Philippines, circa 1950's. 

 The bulul, (also known as bu-lul or tinagtaggu) is a carved wooden male figure used to guard the rice crops grown on the Banaue rice terraces by the Ifugao peoples. These sculptures are highly stylized representations of ancestors and thought to gain power and wealth from the presence of the ancestral spirit.

 This rare museum quality basket specimen dates from the mid 20th century and measures 14" tall x 11" diameter at its widest point. Acquired personally on a sojourn through the Banaue rice terraces region of Baguio City.