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Furniture and Accessories

Oriental furniture started to appear in North America in significant quantities in the early 19th century when trade with the east increased. Since then, we have come to love the diversity of styles that is available from all over Asia.

Mixing utility with highly stylized artistic shapes and natural materials, our furniture covers a wide range of possibilities. We have just the right piece for any design, modern or classical.

Come inside to see Asian furniture at its finest.

Oakwood Stool

Oakwood stool, USA, mid 20th century, 11" dia. top x 21" ...

Old Yak

Carved wood old yak figure

Oval Brass Box

Oval brass box with intrerior compartment, India

Painted Teakwood Candlesticks

Pair of painted teakwood candlesticks, Burma

Pair of Bronze Urns

Pair of bronze urns, European, acquired in Philippines, E. ...

Ramayana Figure

Ramayana legend figure

Rosewood Elephant Stand

Rosewood elephant motif stand, Cochin, India

Shallow Copper Boiler

Shallow copper boiler with handles (#9) 26¾" diameter x 7½" ...

Shiwan Ware Pocket Sconce

Shiwan ware wall pocket vase/sconce, China

Shiwan Ware Pocket Vase

Shiwan ware banana leaf and bird with bug motif wall pocket ...

Shiwan Ware Pocket Vase

Shiwan ware, lotus leaf with flower and bird motif wall ...

Shiwan Ware Pocket Vase

Shiwan ware lotus leaf with flower and frog motif wall ...

Spanish Colonial Mirror

Spanish Colonial style repousee' mirror.


Carved stone frieze of Roman soldier. Turkey, 20th C. 18"H ...

Storage Container

Bronze storage vessel

Takaan Dress Form

'Takaan', papier mache dress form, Philippines


Tami Island Feast bowl, New Guinea.


Teak animal feed trough, Gujarat, India, mid 20th C.

Teak Food Storage Box

Teak food storage box, India

Teak Stylized Tiger Figure

Teak mythological stylized 'tiger' guardian figure, Shan ...

Teak Window Framed Shutters

Teak shutter with polychrome paint, 54" x 30" x 4½". India, ...

Teakwood Lintel

Teakwood lintel with intricate carved guardian dog, ...

Tobacco Storage Box

Bontoc pine tobacco storage box, Philippines

Troll Head Figure

Troll head guardian figure with antlers, Burma

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