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A. Mabini Portrait

Narra wood framed portrait of A. Mabina, Manila, Philippines, circa 1930's.
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Beautifully hand crafted Art Deco period Narra, (genus Pterocarpus, also called Asana, Padauk, Mukwa, Burmese rosewood, or Andaman redwood, genus of timber trees of the pea family, native to Asia and Africa, and loosely categorized as a species of local Philippine Mahoghany frame. This unique wood frame with floral, scroll and feau weave design surrounds a water color portait of A. Mabini, (Apolinario Mabini y Maranan) was born July 23, 1864 and died May 13, 1903, was a Filipino revolutionary leader, educator, lawyer and statesman who served first as a legal and constitutional adviser to the Revoluionary Government, and then as the first Prime Minister of the Philppines upon the establishment of the First Philppine Republic.The frame is of unusual note due to it's 

Acquired for my collection in Manila, Philppines in 2007 and dates from the late Commonwealth Period ( early 19th century thru mid 20th century) circa 1930's. The piece measures 37" tall x 29" wide with the oval water color portrait itself measuring 23" x 15".