Robbie Williams

Santa Fe, New Mexico

GONE GLOBAL????   Richard Gervais was “global” long before that word entered the vernacular.  He was exploring parts of the world that most of us never heard of 40 years ago, and has been a pioneer in the antique and import business.  Now, with his exciting NEW WEBSITE, he has gone GLOBAL again!!  We can “travel” with him on the net.  A tour of the site is truly an odyssey….fasten your seat belts!!

I’ve known Richard for 20 years.  First as a Collector, and then as a Colleague (when I opened my own import business)  He was, and continues to be, my “go to” for clients and my own formidable collecting habit!  We’ve traveled together, and shopped together (he always gave me first dibs).   Richard’s knowledge of exotic cultures is close to encyclopedic, and he is unfailing in his willingness to share this expertise with both customers and colleagues.

The Richard Gervais Collection has been a noted resource for designers, collectors, retailers and wholesalers for decades.  He continues to do what he always has done…. making the marvelous and the exotic available to us….without all the hassle.

Robbie Williams - Design & Resource Consultant