Patrick Presto

San Francisco, California

To visit Richard’s gallery is to step through the looking glass into an exquisite world of beautiful things.  Each personally selected art item carries the story of a hunter-gatherer, a connoisseur searching for the unique, the captivating, the creations of artisans from around the globe.  The pieces you will see here, some museum quality, some utilitarian, some decorative reflect Richard’s desire to expose his clients and his friends to the cultures and art of exotic worlds, to the extraordinary.

For a memorable adventure, do yourself a favor when traveling to San Francisco and include this “museum” experience.  Definitely worth five stars in a guidebook.  Besides being fun, it’s visually entertaining and wonderful for unique gifts large or small.  Richard is a gregarious fellow, a great storyteller and a welcoming, jolly man.

The pictures here do not reveal the glorious safari of actually touring his extensive collection.  The warehouse alone contains some forty years of various journeys around the globe.   And his gallery brims with even more treasure.

You’ll enjoy.  Guaranteed!

Here’s a tip.  Sometimes he accepts traveling companions on his expeditions and explorations.  His array of contacts in the antique and art communities can lead to surprising places where individual tribal and ethnic objet d’art are still being crafted.  I was lucky enough to join him on such a tour.  Magical!

Patrick Presto - Landscape Designer, Teacher, Real Estate Investor, Feature Editor/Palo Alto Times