Jonathan E. French, Ph.D.

San Francisco, CA

Richard Gervais, proprietor of the Richard Gervais Collection located in San Francisco, is a dealer in ethnic and folk art from S.E. Asia, whom I have known for many years. I have found Richard to be a most generous, even gracious fellow who not only makes the world’s artistic bounty both available and affordable, but who spends most of his waking hours pursuing these items with an admirable degree of reverence for the old traditions from which they spring.  As a forensic psychologist and old Philippine hand myself, I sometimes cast a jaundiced eye upon the doings of certain dealers who are blinded by money or ego, often both.  Richard does not fit into this category by any means.  I have likewise had the pleasure of encountering him on the road in Southeast Asia, where he certainly knows how to enjoy himself as he goes about his business.  And even though the number of bona fide tribal artifacts is fading away in many parts of the world, one can always find among Richard’s extensive inventory that special item, be it decorative or ethnographic, that will warm the cockles of someone’s heart.  It is a pleasure to engage with him, be it for business or for pleasure.  He is, need I add, a gentleman and a scholar and a peach of a guy.

Jonathan E. French, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist

Robbie Williams

Santa Fe, New Mexico

GONE GLOBAL????   Richard Gervais was “global” long before that word entered the vernacular.  He was exploring parts of the world that most of us never heard of 40 years ago, and has been a pioneer in the antique and import business.  Now, with his exciting NEW WEBSITE, he has gone GLOBAL again!!  We can “travel” with him on the net.  A tour of the site is truly an odyssey….fasten your seat belts!!

I’ve known Richard for 20 years.  First as a Collector, and then as a Colleague (when I opened my own import business)  He was, and continues to be, my “go to” for clients and my own formidable collecting habit!  We’ve traveled together, and shopped together (he always gave me first dibs).   Richard’s knowledge of exotic cultures is close to encyclopedic, and he is unfailing in his willingness to share this expertise with both customers and colleagues.

The Richard Gervais Collection has been a noted resource for designers, collectors, retailers and wholesalers for decades.  He continues to do what he always has done…. making the marvelous and the exotic available to us….without all the hassle.

Robbie Williams - Design & Resource Consultant

Dodi Benaron

Saratoga, California

Richard's warehouse is a journey into a beautiful museum where you can actually purchase one or more of the objects and take it home. I have done so, many times and have spent many hours enjoying my new views. His collection encompasses so many wonderful items that you can go back time and time again and each time see something completely new. Spend a day here and pleasure your senses. I love it.

Dodi Benaron -  Retired Psychologist & Therapist

Ron Rod

San Francisco, California

Several of Richard's items have been regularly displayed in my home for over 15 years and have become treasures that I would not part with ever. His collection changes constantly and his many trips around the world continue to enhance it regularly, particularly his yearly buying trips to the Far East. Richard has been in the antique business for some forty years and is considered an expert in the field. You can tell that by the many unique items he stocks for sale as well as for his personal collection. You're sure to be pleased with the personal service you'll receive on your first and many subsequent visits to his gallery and display warehouse.

Ron Rod - Computer Systems Designer & Programmer

Patricia Dreher

Berkeley, California

To visit Richard Gervais's amazing collection is to take a mini-tour of the world.  As a painter/designer I enjoy the visual thrill of surveying his carefully selected objects arranged skillfully in his showrooms and home gallery. I have had the privilege of working with Richard both professionally as an artist and as his client.  He is an intelligent and informed importer who is interested in the history and meaning of his collectibles respecting the cultures he travels to and imports from.  When you work with Richard you are not just buying a decorative object but a treasured and respected bit of the history of a culture.

Patricia Dreher - Artist & Designer

Randall Whitehead

San Francisco, California

Richard Gervais offers a dazzling variety of objects from the far corners of the world. They add a rich textural tapestry to any environment. His wares, many of them one-of-a-kind, lend themselves beautifully to both interior and exterior environments. Take a little bit of history home. I did....again and again.

Randall Whitehead - Lighting Designer & Author

Penny Cardoza

Honolulu, Hawaii

How is it that an Object can actually change one's Life?  For the Good, I mean.  For the very good, in fact, not even just the better, but the Best!  I'm not talking dust mops here, but "That Without Which Man (the generic) Cannot Live", remember? Not bread nor indoor plumbing.

When a dear friend and fellow artist/decorator walked me into Richard Gervais's amazing warehouse, I was bowled over by the aesthetic abundance of the much beauty flooding the eye.   So much exquisite taste evident all around us...and the stories behind it all, reflecting the world travels of Richard Gervais, sophisticated connoisseur of "Things - Wonderful Things!", to quote Howard Carter upon opening the Tomb of you-know-who!  Four exquisitely carved wood panels hanging on a wall caught my attention; they emanated a fragrance which, Richard informed me, was camphorwood.  19th century Chinese, they depicted the Four Seasons.  Flashbacks to my trip aboard the Orient Express came to me as I thought "Eureka!" just the solution to my long-standing problem of dining-room-lanai doors simply not up to par with the rest of my eclectic, atmospheric home in the shadow of Diamond Head.

I was afraid to ask the price of these museum-quality pieces, but hardly believing my good luck when he told me, soon found myself arranging with Richard's wise and economical counsel to have them shipped to my house in Hawaii, where they along with a multitude of tea lights and 1930's vinyls, add their magnificence to my most diligent, devoted work, that of creating daily the Dream I call my Life.  Thank you, Richard Gervais!

Penny Cardoza - Actress & Model

Patrick Presto

San Francisco, California

To visit Richard’s gallery is to step through the looking glass into an exquisite world of beautiful things.  Each personally selected art item carries the story of a hunter-gatherer, a connoisseur searching for the unique, the captivating, the creations of artisans from around the globe.  The pieces you will see here, some museum quality, some utilitarian, some decorative reflect Richard’s desire to expose his clients and his friends to the cultures and art of exotic worlds, to the extraordinary.

For a memorable adventure, do yourself a favor when traveling to San Francisco and include this “museum” experience.  Definitely worth five stars in a guidebook.  Besides being fun, it’s visually entertaining and wonderful for unique gifts large or small.  Richard is a gregarious fellow, a great storyteller and a welcoming, jolly man.

The pictures here do not reveal the glorious safari of actually touring his extensive collection.  The warehouse alone contains some forty years of various journeys around the globe.   And his gallery brims with even more treasure.

You’ll enjoy.  Guaranteed!

Here’s a tip.  Sometimes he accepts traveling companions on his expeditions and explorations.  His array of contacts in the antique and art communities can lead to surprising places where individual tribal and ethnic objet d’art are still being crafted.  I was lucky enough to join him on such a tour.  Magical!

Patrick Presto - Landscape Designer, Teacher, Real Estate Investor, Feature Editor/Palo Alto Times