Richard Gervais Collection, a Brief History


The Richard Gervais Collection based in San Francisco, California and is a long standing reliable resource for unique collectibles and art made available to the public and wholesale design trade. The collection consists of a myriad of country, ethnic, primitive and folk art, antiquities, artifacts, decorative home accessories and furniture from many international ports of call.

Richard Gervais, the founder and hands on owner, travels extensively throughout the world constant search of unique, interesting and unusual antiquities, art and artifacts. His collection is featured in several leading design showrooms on both coasts.

The Richard Gervais Collection opened in September of 1970 in a small shop on the California Street cable car line in the Polk Gulch area of San Francisco. Known then as ‘The New Manila Importing Company', the little boutique shop soon became a favorite shopping destination for the purchase of Philippine handicrafts, especially basketry and woven textiles.    

As time passed and travels to the Philippine Islands became more frequent Richard expanded his travel destinations, visiting and shopping other countries in S. E. Asia, beginning with Bali, Indonesia. In the early1970's, he was in the forefront of importing Batiks, folk art and other Indonesian items of interest that appealed to his aesthetic and design sensibilities. Inspired by enduring wanderlust, it was a natural for him to visit and shop several other neighboring countries, appeasing his insatiable appetite for traveling and shopping.

Today, over forty years later, he still continues and relishes his foreign travels and buying trips, personally selecting each and every item available in the Richard Gervais Collection.