Artifacts, archaeologically speaking are objects made or modified by a human culture and later recovered from an archaeological endeavor. In the case of 'cultural artifacts', these are human-made objects which give information about the culture of its creators and users ... artfiacts1_2c21e4c8ed994e9167a015e16d5168c3


Since ancient times, baskets have been used initially for utilitarian purposes and later for decorative value. The weaving of them is as old as the history of civilization. Fragments of basketry have been found in Egyptian tombs and pyramid excavations. Made from a minim... garden1_0d17221ba61402484e08ae35e3da8ecd


Ceramics is one of the most ancient industries on the planet. Once humans discovered that clay could be dug up and formed into objects by first mixing it with water and then firing, the industry was born. As early as 24,000 BC, animal and human figures were made from cla... ceramics1_e4917c7cd4600df3aa20c245db9cba6d

Folk and Ethnic Art

Folk Art is the art of the everyday. It’s rooted in traditions that come from community, culture and expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics. It encompases a range of utilitarian and decorative media including cloth, wo... EthnicArtCategory_115c3df61f62e0d67bea3b98ea0e5b39

Furniture and Accessories

Oriental furniture started to appear in North America in significant quantities in the early 19th century when trade with the east increased. Since then, we have come to love the diversity of styles that is available from all over Asia. Mixing utility wit... Accessories_c5f5ee1ece335d7af760e13a46ba6579


Asian gardens are tranquil spaces meant for reflection and the enjoyment of nature. The objects found in the garden are often made of stone or other natural materials that lend balance and presence to the scene. Garden art of all shapes and sizes can be f... new000475a_7e4fcab6802343fd8349c643506e6f34

Religious Art

Asia is home to all the religions of the world. From Buddhist to Christian, Muslim to Shinto, it's all here. We carry a diverse collection of religious painting, religious icons and statues, and objects central to a culture religious practices. The collec... religiousart1_8dd212218ce1ce796f8882c44d41457a