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Religious Art

Asia is home to all the religions of the world. From Buddhist to Christian, Muslim to Shinto, it's all here. We carry a diverse collection of religious painting, religious icons and statues, and objects central to a culture religious practices.

The collection is extremely diverse, each culture has it's own take on a religions central story. Religious art, in every culture, is some of the richest and most beautiful of all art.

Take a look at our collection, we think you will like it as much as we do.

Red Lacquer Gold Gilt Buddha Devotee

Red lacquer and gold gilt Buddha devotee, Mandalay, 7" x 7" ...

Red Lacquer Gold Gilt Buddhist Monk

Red lacquer, gold gilt Buddha monk/devotee, Burma 8"

Retalbo Santo Niño

Carved wooden "Retalbo" with figure of Santo Niño in ...

Russian Religious Icon - Madonna and Child

Painted wooden Russian icon depicting the Madonna and ...

Saint Anthony Figure

Saint Anthony with Christ child, Vietnam, 18" x 5" x 6"

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph holding Christ child. Hanoi, Vietnam. Late ...

Saint Peter

Saint Peter figure, Hanoi, Vietnam, 20th C.

San Isidro The Laborer

San Ysidro the Laborer, Panay, Philippines, Early 20th C., ...

San Juan Bautista

Saint John the Baptist, Philippines, late 19th C., 21" x 8" ...

San Sebastian

Saint (San) Sebastian figure, India

San Sebastian

San Sebastian figure, Philippines

Santo Nino

Santo Nino mannequin, Philippines

Santol Angel Figures

Pair of seated altar angel figures, Philippines

Seated Buddha - Earth to Witness Mudra

Seated Lao Buddha in "Earth to Witness" Mudra

Silver Chenrezi

Silver Chenrezi statue

Silver Collection Bowl

Silver Buddhist monks collection bowl, Laos

Singha Lion

Teak carved "Singha", mythological lion figure.

Singha Post Base

Singha motif post base, Indonesia

Temple Guardian

Teak temple guardian figure

Temple Naga Figure

Hand carved temple figure astride Naga, Burma

Thai Spirit House

Thai Spirit House or San Phra Phum

Three Headed Ganesha

Trimuhkti Ganapati - Three Headed Ganesha

Traveling Buddhist Monk

Traveling Buddhist Monk

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