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Religious Art

Asia is home to all the religions of the world. From Buddhist to Christian, Muslim to Shinto, it's all here. We carry a diverse collection of religious painting, religious icons and statues, and objects central to a culture religious practices.

The collection is extremely diverse, each culture has it's own take on a religions central story. Religious art, in every culture, is some of the richest and most beautiful of all art.

Take a look at our collection, we think you will like it as much as we do.


Sculpture of the Apostle Saint Andrew, Philippines

Arunchal Pradesh Folk Figure

Wood festival figure, India, 20½" x 15" x 4"

Baby Buddha Figure

Baby Buddha figure, Vietnam

Bell & Vajra Ritual Objects Holder

Bell & Vajra (Dorje) Ritual Objects Holder

Bhutanese Ganesh

Jain Hindu Buddhist figure of Lord Ganesh

Bronze Quan Yin

Bronze Quan Yin, Thailand

Bronze Stupa

Bronze pagoda / stupa, China

Buddha in Lotus Position

Carved teak panel depicting Buddha in five mudras, Orissa, ...

Buddha Lotus Position

Buddha in traditional robe seated in Dhyana mudra and ...

Buddhist Manuscript Chest

Buddhist Manuscript Chest

Buddhist Monk on Pedestal

Miniature monk figure, Burma

Buddhist Teak Wood Temple Bell

Carved teakwood temple bell with Thep Phenom (angel) and ...

Buddhist Temple Altar Panel

Buddhist temple altar panel, Hanoi, Vietnam. Early 20th ...

Buddhist Temple Bell

Buddhist temple bell with Vishnu, India, late 19th century

Buddhist Temple Devotee

Carved wooden Buddhist temple devotee, with polychrome ...

Burmese Nat

Nat figure, Burma

Burmese Nat

Nat figure on horseback, Myanmar

Burmese Nat on Horse

Nat figure on horse, Burma

Burmese Temple Corbel

Painted teak temple corbel, Burma, 20th C., 56" tall x 21" ...

Carved Ganesha Figure

Carved "Ganesha" figure, Hindu deity and "Remover of ...

Carved Takaan Flying Angel

Carved "takaan" flying angel, w/polychrome paint, 30" long ...


White painted wood "dove of peace" (holy spirit). ...

Chenrezi Statue

Chenrezi, Tibetan God of Compassion


Seated Quan Yin, China

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