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Kawa Fire Pit

Iron 'kawa', sugar cane rendering cauldron, Bocolod, Philippines, 20th C., 46" diameter x 14½" deep.

Cast iron kawa, sugar cane cooking pot (cauldron) used in the rendering of sugar cane on plantations located in Bacolod province, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. Early to mid 20th century. This one measures 46" in diameter x 14½" deep. Curently available in six sizes:

  • 20" dia. x 5½" deep
  • 23" dia. x 6½" deep
  • 28" dia. x 7¼" deep (with handles)
  • 30" dia. x 9" deep
  • 31" dia. x 10" deep
  • 46" dia. x 14½" deep 

Please enquire about other sizes and and prices ranging from $325.-- to $750.--. They all are similar in shape and look about the same and make excellent outdoor fire pits generating heat in a wide circumference area. Also for decorative garden fountains and water elements.