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Folk and Ethnic Art

Folk Art is the art of the everyday. It’s rooted in traditions that come from community, culture and expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics. It encompases a range of utilitarian and decorative media including cloth, wood, paper, clay, metal and more. These artistic works, as paintings, sculpture, basketry and utensils are typically produced in cultural isolation by untrained anonymous artisans of varying degrees of skill. Marked by such attributes as highly decorative design, bright bold colors, flattened perspective, strong forms and simple arrangements.

The term ‘Ethnic Art’ is a catch all designation which describes the cultural creations of non-Western societies. It relates to objects from national and cultural origins, i.e. denoting origin by birth or descent rather than by present nationality. They are characteristic of or belonging to a non-Western cultural tradition and are neither Christian nor Jewish; pagan or heathen.

Our collection of folk and ethnic art comprises all these attributes as mentioned and can be observed and viewed in this category.

Hindu Monk Figure

Earthenware figure of Hindu monk with polychrome paint, ...

Horse Mounted Tribal Warrior

Horse mounted tribal warrior figure, Africa

Horse Vahana India

Temple processional horse, South India

Hsun-ok Buddhist Temple Offering Vessel

"Hsun-ok" or Buddhist offering vessel, bamboo w/ red and ...

Hunker Stool

Hunker stool, Senufu tribe, Africa

Ibibio Tribe Soul Mask

Ibibio tribe 'soul' mask, Eastern Nigeria

Ifugao Duyo Bowl

Ifugao tribe duyo, bowl, Phillipines.

Ifugao Tribe Figures

Pair of Ifugao tribe figures, male & female, Bontoc, N. ...

Igorot Tribe Shell Necklace

Ifugao Igorot tribes 'Palangapang' (necklace), Philippines

Incense Burner

Bhutanese Incense Burner

Incense Burner

Bhutan Buddhist Incense burner

Incised Wood Communal Food Bowl

Incised wood communal food bowl, Sepic River, New Guinea

Indian Copper Milk Jug

Hammered copper milk container, India, early 20th century, ...

Indian Festival Mask

Paper mache' festival mask, N. India, late 20th C., 25.5" x ...

Jaisalmer Portico Facade

Teak building portico, Jaisalmer, India, 19th C

Janus Hindu Dancer

Cast iron janus Hindu female figure, Punjab

Japanese Clay Folk Figure

Japanese painted clay folk figure, Japan, 20th Century, 14" ...

Japanese Festival Flag

Handpainted Japanese festival flag or Noboribata

Japanese Festival Flag

Handpainted Japanese festival flag or Noboribata

Japanese Festival Flag

Handpainted Japanese festival flag or Noboribata

Jarai (Gia Rai) Gaurdian Figure

Gia Rai ethnic group spirit figure, Vietnam

Javanese Wedding Figures

This pair of solid teak carved wedding couple comes from ...

Jewelry Bowl

Precious metal jewelry bowl

Katar (Dagger) South India

Katar (Dagger) South India