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Ceramics is one of the most ancient industries on the planet. Once humans discovered that clay could be dug up and formed into objects by first mixing it with water and then firing, the industry was born. As early as 24,000 BC, animal and human figures were made from clay, fired in primitive kilns partially dug in the ground.

About 10,000 years later, as settled communities were established, tiles were made in Mesopotamia and India. The first use of functional potter vessels for storing water and foods and clay bricks are thought to be around 9,000 - 10,000 BC.

The Chinese started making ceramic pottery as early as 3500 BC. By the time of the Tang dynasty, which began in 618 CE, there were many different colors of glazes being used. The Tang dynasty also saw the development of the first true porcelain. During the two dynasties that followed, the Sung and the Yuan, the making of porcelain became an art form.

Asian pottery and ceramics of all sorts can be found within the collection. Antique ceramics and ceramic arts have been brought in from all parts of the world. Antique pots and vessels have been excavated from ancient sites and from underwater recoveries. These unique finds are in extremely limited and rarely available.

Han Dynasty Cocoon Jar

Han dynasty "Cocoon" jar, China, 206 BC


Han Dynasty covered jar, 206 BC - 220 AD, China

Han Dynasty Tomb Figure

Tomb excavated, painted earthenware "stick man" figure, Han ...

Han Dynasty Tomb Figure

Tomb excavated, painted earthenware equestrian figure, Han ...

Han Dynasty Vase

Green glazed Han dynasty vase c. 206BC -200 AD, China

Han Dynasty Vietnamese Oil Lamp

Terracotta oil lamp, Han Dynasty, Vietnam, 1rst C.,

Han Granary Jar

Excavated earthenware tomb granary jar, Han dynasty, China

Han Granary Jar

Excavated earthenware covered granary jar, Han dynasty, ...

Incised Excavated Storage Vessel

Incised excavated storage vessel, Tran dynasty, 12th - 14th ...


Japanese hand-painted charger plate with man riding a large ...

Japanese Clay Folk Figure

Japanese painted clay folk figure, Japan, 20th Century, 14" ...

Japanese Pitcher

Crackle glazed floral patterned pitcher, Japan

Japanese Sushi Dishes

Pair porcelain food plates, fish shape and design, Japan, ...


Excavated earthenware storage jar, Jeni Tribe, Mali, ...

Jian Ware Pouring Vessel

Jian or Chien ware soy pouring vessel, China

Jingdezheng Porcelain Fish Dish

Cobalt blue and white porcelain fish dishes, China

Jingdezheng Porcelain Fish Dish

Cobalt blue and white porcelain fish dishes, China


Kai Neilsen Bing & Grondahl Figure

Kalinga Rice Storage Jar

Kalinga tribe rice storage jar, Cagayan, Philippines


Terra cotta rice storage jar, Kalinga, Philippines, 12"H x ...

Kalinga Tribe Storage Vessel

Kalinga tribe storage vessel, Luzon Is., Philippines, L. ...

Kalong Excavated Bowl

Ceramic blue / black underglazed Kalong excavated bowl ...


Ken Pick prototypical charger, Vermont, C. 1980's,

Kendi Pouring Vessel

Marine recovered "Kendi / Ewer" pouring vessel. Palawan ...

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