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Bagobo Tribe Basket

Beaded 'Bagobo' tribe basket, Mindanao, Philippines, 12.5"x 8"x 8"

SKU: MOL0902080

Hand woven bamboo strip Bagobo tribe storage basket with traditional distinctive cover featuring four uplifted corners and decorative glass beads sewn into ikat-dyed abaca woven strip carrying strap. This collectors item basket originates from Davao province, Mindanao island, Philippines and measures 12.5" tall x 8" x 8" at square bottom and is a vintage basket from the late 20th century. The Bagobos inhabit the eastern part of Mindanao  around the Davao area and trace their origins from the peoples who brought Hinduism to the area. The name 'Bagobo' derives from root word 'bago' meaning recent and 'obo' meaning grow. This basket is a fine example of  a Bogobo weavers talents, in good condition but with corner holes repair.