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Since ancient times, baskets have been used initially for utilitarian purposes and later for decorative value. The weaving of them is as old as the history of civilization. Fragments of basketry have been found in Egyptian tombs and pyramid excavations. Made from a minimal amount of raw resources such as grasses, trees and other natural fibers, baskets display early primitive mans ingenuity at it's peak.

Baskets and other utilitarian forms of basketry have been a mainstay of our collection since its beginning in 1970. All of our baskets were made by the local indigenous peoples of Africa, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The collection consists of new, used, vintage, old and in some cases antique specimens. Many are made in quantities and some are unique one of kind examples woven by craftsmen and artists in their native homelands.

African Storage Basket

Woven bamboo storage basket, Africa, 20th century.

Agawin Snail Basket

Agawin' snail collecting basket, Philippines, vintage. 7" x ...

Akkah Basket

Akkah basket for hunter/gathers, Laos. 9" x 8" x 12"

Bamboo Labba Basket

Bamboo Labba Basket, Kalinga Tribe, Philippines

Bamboo Rice Basket

Bamboo rice storage basket, Palawan, Philippines, 25.5" x ...

Bigao Winnowing Basket

"Bigao" winnowing basket, Bontoc, Philippines.

Bontoc Backpack Basket

Bontoc tribe backpack, Philippines,vintage.

Burden Basket

Woven burden basket, rattan and bamboo with geometric ...

Carabao Horn Rice Storage Basket

Woven rattan peel rice storage basket with Carabao horn ...

Chinese Hat Box

Woven bamboo peel hat box, Zhijiang, China, c. 1870's

Ethiopian Hat

Ethiopian woven hat. 20"

Handwoven Reed Basket

Handwoven reed basket, Zambia, Africa. 24"

Ifugao Sewing Basket

Ifugao sewing needle basket, Philippines

Ifugao Ulbong Basket

Ifugao 'ulbong' rice storage basket, Philippines, L.20th ...

Indonesian Burden Basket

Woven burden basket, Sulawesi, Indonesia, M. 20th Century

Karen Hill Tribe Basket

Woven rattan basket, Karen people, Thailand, approximately ...

Laotian Burden Basket

Woven bamboo burden basket w/woven head strap, Isaan, Laos, ...

Locust Collection Basket

Bamboo and rattan locust collecting basket, Ilocos, ...

Philippine Market Basket

Rattan vegatable market basket, Philippines, vintage.

Philippine Rattan Basket

Rattan utility basket with cover. Philippines, vintage.

Philippine Winnow Basket

Bamboo peal woven winnower, Philippines, vintage, 21" Sq.x ...

Rattan Seeding Basket

Rattan seeding basket, Gia Rai people, Vietnam, Vintage.14" ...

Rice Storage Basket Philippines

Rattan peel basket with Carabao horn handle, Bontoc, Luzon, ...

Tampipi Basket

Rattan "tampipi" basket, Philippines

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