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Sugar Cane Crushing Gear

Molavé wood sugar cane crusher gear, Philippines, E. 20th C.

Molavé wood  (Vitex parviflora is a species of plant in the Verbenaceae family, known locally as Molavé Tree  and is native only to IndonesiaMalaysia, and the Philippines) sugar cane crusher gear with protruding cogs. This rare and exceptionally large solid chunk of the molavé tree is the hardest and most dense of all woods found and native to the Philippines, and is currently threatened by habitat loss.) This piece is a fragment unit section of a large sugar cane crushing machine. From the old sugar producing region of Bacolod, located in Negros Occidental province, western Visayas in the Philippines. This gear dates from the early 20th century when the Philippines was a major sugar cane grower and producer exporter of sugar.