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Jizo Bosatsu 1

Jizo Bosatsu (The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha) Gray granite Edo period.

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Jizo is the only Bodhisattva not depicted in the crown, jewelry, and complex drapery of an Indian prince. Instead, he is portrayed as a Buddhist monk, having a shaved head and wearing a simple monk's robe. Because he has several important functions, Jizo is the second most popular Bodhisattva in Japan after Kanon. Jizo rescues the damned from Hell; he is also the guardian deity of chidren and the patron saint of travelers. More formal images show him holding a Buddhist monk's iron staff, which he uses to batter down the doors of Hell. In his other hne he holds a Flaming Jewel, the sybol of Buddhist wisdom, with which to light the darkness of the underworld In this simple folk image he clutches the Flaming Jewel to his chest.