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Furniture and Accessories

Oriental furniture started to appear in North America in significant quantities in the early 19th century when trade with the east increased. Since then, we have come to love the diversity of styles that is available from all over Asia.

Mixing utility with highly stylized artistic shapes and natural materials, our furniture covers a wide range of possibilities. We have just the right piece for any design, modern or classical.

Come inside to see Asian furniture at its finest.

Teakwood Lintel

Teakwood lintel with intricate carved guardian dog, ...

Teakwood Lounging Chair

Carved teakwood lounging chair w/ decorative brass ...

Tibetan Carpet

Symbolic ancestral male figure with various folks symbols ...

Tibetan Chest

Tibetan Altar Chest

Tobacco Storage Box

Bontoc pine tobacco storage box, Philippines

Tree Peak

Tree peak from underwater lake recovery. Thailand - age ...

Troll Head Figure

Troll head guardian figure with antlers, Burma

Vahana Horse India

Polychrome painted vahana (processional) horse figure, ...

Vietnamese Art Deco End Table

Vietnamese Art Deco End Table

Woven Vine Room Divider

Woven vine 3 panel room divider, Philippines - each panel: ...

Yellow Overlaid Glass Vases

Pair of Overlaid Glass Vases

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