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Furniture and Accessories

Oriental furniture started to appear in North America in significant quantities in the early 19th century when trade with the east increased. Since then, we have come to love the diversity of styles that is available from all over Asia.

Mixing utility with highly stylized artistic shapes and natural materials, our furniture covers a wide range of possibilities. We have just the right piece for any design, modern or classical.

Come inside to see Asian furniture at its finest.

French Colonial Mirror

Gold gilt, carved wooden oval mirror, French Colonial, ...


Red and black lacquered French colonial style beveled ...

Gamelan End Supports

Pair, carved polychrome painted wood gamelan (musical ...

Gangalaya Vessel India

Incised brass Gangalaya vessel, India

Gion Matsuri Festival Parade Poles

Pair of Gion Matsuri festival parade poles, Japan

Gothic Revival Chandelier

Bronze Gothic revival chandelier, 19th C. England

Hindu God Krishna Panel

Krishna life segments vignettes painted door, India

Horse Vahana India

Temple processional horse, South India

Indian Almira Armoire

Teak 'Almira' (Armoire), Jaipur, India, early 20th C.

Indian Almira Cabinet

Painted teak 'Almira' (storage cabinet), Jaipur, India, ...

Indian Brass Urli Cooking Vessel

Cast brass "Urli" cooking vessel with 2 decorative handles, ...


Indian Mughal Copper pouring vessel

Indian Silver Mirror

Incised repousee silver mirror w/processional elephants, ...

Indian Spice Box

Spice & herb storage box with original hardware, ...

Indian Spice Storage Box

Polychrome painted wood spice box with. Found in India, ...

Jaisalmer Portico Facade

Teak building portico, Jaisalmer, India, 19th C

Jali Window

Teak window with iron lattice work, Gujarat, India, 19th ...

Kamagong Basin

Large Kamagong wood basin w/border carving, 35", ...

Kamagong Cube End Table

Custom designed, "Tiger" Kamagong wood "Cube" end table, ...

Kamagong Wood Plate

Kamagong wood plate, Philippines, Contemporary, 18" ...

Keyaki Wood Hibachi

Three drawer Keyaki wood hibachi, Japan

Lacquer Food Tray Burma

Woven bamboo basketry "byat" food platter, red and black ...

Lacquered Bamboo Tray

Red and black lacquered bamboo basketry tray, Burma

Lacquered Bamboo Tray

Red and black lacquered bamboo basketry tray, Burma

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