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Capiz Shell Door

Capiz shell panel, Philippines, M. 20th century

Capiz shell window / sliding door panel, coconut wood frame with traditional solid wood base insert, Vigan, Philippines, mid 20th century, 60½" tall x 22" wide

Capiz, a province of the Philippines facing the Sibuyan Sea to the north. Capiz shell, which is used for decorative purposes, is the outer shell of the marine mollusk, Placuna placenta, found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines. Capiz, (also locally called Kapiz) shell is  flat and semi-transparent, with a pearlescent appearance, and is used in the designs of many home products both utilitarian and decorative. We generally carry a broad selection of different sized panels in varying woods. Feel free to drop us a line with your questions regarding current stock and sizes available.